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SHOT50-ECO Shot 50 (Gaoo) - seria single shotów


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Nazwa: Shot
Importer: Gaoo
Kaliber: 48 mm (czasami podawany jako 50 mm)
Symbole i efekty

  • SHOT50-02ECO Golden wave with brocade tail to golden mine
  • SHOT50-03ECO Hammer effect with silver tail to blue mine (titanium salute)
  • SHOT50-07ECO Red-green-silver and yellow strobe to red strobe mine 
  • SHOT50-08ECO Brocade crown with white strobe and brocade tail with brocade mine
  • SHOT50-10ECO Golden crackling to golden strobe mine
  • SHOT50-11ECO Red palm with green strobe and green strobe mine
  • SHOT50-13ECO Time rain palm with silber and green strobe and silver strobe mine
  • SHOT50-16ECO Brocade crown with red strobe and spinner tail with red strobe mine
  • SHOT50-21ECO QUIET Red dahlia with silver strobe and red glittering willow tail with silber strobe mine
  • SHOT50-22ECO QUIET Brocade crown to color falling leaves with glittering tail and brocade mine
  • SHOT50-25ECO QUIET Silver strobe with silver tail to silver strobe mine
  • SHOT50-26ECO QUIET Ti-golden palm with red strobe and silver tail to red strobe mine
  • SHOT50-27ECO QUIET Time rain with red strobe to crackling tail with crackling mine
  • SHOT50-30ECO QUIET Blue-lemon-red peony with red strobe to red tail with colourful mine


Coś jeszcze godnego uwagi oprócz salutowca numer 03?

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  • mantis changed the title to SHOT50-ECO Shot 50 (Gaoo) - seria single shotów

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